Why Running? Because It Works!

RunningWorks is a values-led, mentorship-based organization which seeks to help elevate the mental and physical well being of the most vulnerable in our community. To learn more and get involved click here.


RunningWorks uses sport to empower individuals and families to break cycles of abuse, abandonment, neglect, poverty and homelessness one stride at a time by creating a safe haven for more than 150 men, women, and children served weekly: a team and family where they can learn to trust.


Our vision is to stop the destructive cycle of homelessness within a demographic of age five to 70-years-of-age by reaching the most vulnerable and socially excluded in society with values accrued through health and wellness, in this case, running or walking. We believe the lives of many homeless men, women and children have been disrupted by circumstances beyond their control, and we empower them to overcome extraordinary adverse situations.


We are a values-driven, mentorship-based organization that encourages volunteerism as a primary component to rehabilitation as it promotes dignity, a sense of purpose and confidence while team members have fallen on hard times. The discipline, confidence, teamwork, self-respect and respect for others accrued through the passion our team members develop for self-improvement allows them to further their lives for the long term.

RunningWorks Annual Fundraiser

Metamorphosis: Social Butterfly Experiment presented by Trinity Partners

Saturday, September 22, 2018
6:30 – 10:30pm
LaCa Projects (1429 Bryant St, Charlotte, NC 28208)

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Metamorphosis is RunningWorks’ unique annual fundraiser event that merges fashion and philanthropy. For the third year, RunningWorks is partnering with world-renown fashion designer Luis Machicao, who has been commissioned by the President of Peru (his home country) to serve as “style ambassador” for the Peruvian First Lady.

In years past, Machicao has showcased his latest collections using professional models on the runway. This year, we are changing the format with the announcement of the Metamorphosis: Social Butterfly Experiment presented by Trinity Partners. We have handpicked 8 dynamic, passionate and philanthropic influencers or “Social Butterflies” from the community to serve as mentors for members of the RunningWorks team.

During this year’s event, these Social Butterflies will hit the runway alongside their mentees, donning couture gowns and men’s suits custom designed by Machicao specifically for Metamorphosis. This unique approach will highlight the transition, or metamorphosis, of our team members as they transition out of homelessness into beautiful, fully functioning butterflies in society.

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Our RunningWorks Team Members…by the Numbers

Races completed as a team

156 and counting

Number of volunteer hours

4,500 and still helping

Number homes secured

125 and still looking

Number of jobs landed

140 so far…