Big Changes are in store for Metamorphosis 2018

This year, RunningWorks announced a major change to the format of its annual Metamorphosis event with The Social Butterfly Experiment.

This new initiative pairs 8 community leaders with team members for one-on-one mentorships. The Social Butterflies and their mentees are teaming up to fundraise and bring awareness to issues of poverty, homelessness and food insecurity in the Carolinas.

“We have handpicked eight dynamic, passionate, and philanthropic influencers or ‘social butterflies’ from the community to serve as mentors,” said RunningWorks Founder and Executive Director Meredith Dolhare. “We are calling it ‘The Social Butterfly Experiment’ because it highlights the metamorphosis of our team members as they transition out of homelessness into beautiful, fully functioning butterflies in society.”

Dolhare said she is excited about the caliber of mentors who have committed to the program. “Each of them already has a full plate,” she said. “Most have children in addition to being at the top of their respective fields. They have a menagerie of demands at work, in the community and at home. Yet, none of them hesitated to say ‘yes’ to this challenge.”

Mentors will meet regularly with their mentees through July 1, and on September 22, each Social Butterfly will walk the runway alongside their mentee during Metamorphosis 2018: The Social Butterfly Experiment at LaCa Projects.

For the third year in a row, RunningWorks is teaming up with world-renowned designer Luis Machicao to create couture gowns and suits custom made for the event.

Our friends at Windsor Jewelers have also signed on to help sponsor the show for the third year in a row.

“I believe that RunningWorks is a worthwhile cause to support due to the fact that it is so extremely hands on as an organization,” said Windsor Jewelers Vice President Ben Simon. “[It] has a transparent impact within the community. No red tape, no corporate structure- just a pure cause that makes a clear, physical difference in people’s lives.”

In 2016, Windsor Jewelers partnered with Jaeger-LeCoultre watches to donate a Stainless Steel Reverso timepiece for the live auction. The next year, Windsor donated a Tudor Heritage Chronograph timepiece, also stainless steel, with a unique blue dial and blue strap to coordinate with RunningWorks‘ team colors. As an added bonus, the Tudor Chronograph featured a stopwatch, ideal for timing a running event.

When asked how they choose which pieces to donate, Simon said, “It sounds blunt, but honestly I try to pick what items I believe will raise the most money for such a great cause.” To date, items donated by Windsor have raised over $10,000 at the live auction. As for what’s in store for 2018, we will have to wait and see. “We are still in the process of determining this year’s donation, but rest assured it will be something exciting,” said Simon.

Tickets are currently on sale. Click here for more information.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at info@runningworks.orgor call (980) 500-8RUN.