Partner Spotlight: Genesis Project 1 helping provide mental health services and counseling

Of the hundreds of individuals considered chronically homeless in our community, more than 84 percent report dealing with mental health issues that are often left untreated. That means for every 10 people who walk through our doors, an average of 8 or 9 need assistance addressing issues of mental health.

To help address this issue, RunningWorks is partnering with Genesis Project 1 to help our neighbors in need.

Genesis Project 1 is a nonprofit organization that provides counseling to individuals and families, particularly those who are living in at-risk communities or experiencing crisis situations. The organization’s team of professional counselors and mental health clinicians conduct group therapy sessions and offer one-on-one counseling at RWHQ. RunningWorks is picking up the cost to provide these services at no charge to our participants.

The mission of RunningWorks is to use sport and education to empower individuals and families to break cycles of abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness one stride at a time. In today’s climate, we believe addressing mental health and the overall wellness is of our neighbors in need is critical as they work to break these cycles.