Partner Spotlight: Trinity Partners is committed to building stronger communities in Carolinas

The team at Trinity Partners has stepped up in a major way for the RunningWorks Team this year. In addition to sponsoring our annual 12-Hour Run to End Homelessness in June, Trinity Partners also came aboard as the title sponsor for our annual event, Metamorphosis 2018: The Social Butterfly Experiment. This year’s event was held September 22 at LaCa Projects.

Trinity Partners is the brainchild of founding partners David Allen, Gary Chesson and Peter Conway. The thriving commercial real estate firm was founded in 1998 and built on three core principles: to be passionate, entrepreneurial and best in class.

Two decades later, the firm continues to excel in each of those areas. With offices throughout the Carolinas, Trinity now leases and manages more than 20 million square feet of office, industrial, and retail space, employing more than 160 of the industry’s best and brightest. Trinity continues to evolve and expand its footprint and service platform, building upon its solid relationships and competitive, entrepreneurial spirit.

Trinity has also shown a commitment to supporting local causes and organizations in its areas of operation. Mr. Chesson and his wife Kim have been involved with RunningWorks since its inception in 2012. They are no strangers to the transformative power of running. In fact, Gary is a nine-time marathoner and 28-time half marathoner. He learned about RunningWorks after hearing the keynote speaker at the Berlin Marathon mention its Founder Meredith Dolhare as his inspiration to start a successful sport-for-change nonprofit on the West Coast.

“Though small, RunningWorks has made such a huge difference with marginalized men, women and children in the Carolinas by building relationships and meeting people where they are,” Gary said. “This is a shared ethos with Trinity Partners where we believe in an entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit with the like-minded RunningWorks values of having fun and creating a family atmosphere. Kim, Trinity Partners and I are thrilled to be a part of something unique that is inspiring people across the country to think outside-the-box in order to make necessary social impact in their own communities.”

Gary will complete his tenth marathon in Charlotte this year, and his 11th, the last of the “big five” World Majors, in Tokyo, in March 2019—hopefully in a RunningWorks shirt.