Partner Spotlight: Social Serve helping to connect those in need with access to housing

The staff at Social Serve are helping to connect neighbors in need to housing..

Finding affordable housing in the Charlotte area is challenge for many residents as housing prices have shot up over the past few years at a much faster rate than wages. The average rent is about $1,082, up 7 percent from a year ago. This is especially challenging for neighbors who live off moderate to very low incomes.

In an effort to help more neighbors secure stable housing they can afford, RunningWorks is partnering with Social Serve, a nonprofit organization that helps to find housing for people with special needs, disaster relief and lower incomes. The organization’s unique website allows landlords to post information about their properties. Neighbors looking for housing can navigate the website and search for housing opportunities that meet their individual needs.

Thanks to our new computer lab (donated by our friends at Polypore) neighbors can now look for housing from RW HQ. Staffers from Social Serve volunteer at the program once a month to assist team members in their search for housing opportunities.

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